Wednesday, August 02, 2006

treat yourself!

Go on. I dare you. What might you do? Well, oh wanton one, might I suggest;

a massage
an hour long bubble bath
a new book
a beautiful bunch of flowers
unplugging the phone for a whole evening of uninterupted...whatever!
A big bowl of icecream
cooking YOUR favourite meal for dinner for a change
a bottle of champagne and just ONE glass (hick!)

Wicked isn't it? Selfish some would say. Indulgent. Most people, and even more so women, are notoriously bad at treating themselves. Why? Well, for the reasons above and for all the feelings that my request might have stirred in you. We are taught from an early age to put others first, that self indulgence is A. BAD. THING. If we put ourselves first we are selfish. I've even heard the argument recently that self development is selfish because it encourages people to think too much of themselves - as if THAT were possible. It's not selfish to look after your own needs, it's self-ish - geddit? If we don't look after ourselves, how can we expect ourselves to look after others and to contribute fully to the world? And what kind of message are we sending out into the world when we deny ourselves the treats and good things in life?

Let's challenge this notion, let's start to treat ourselves. Weekly, if not daily.

So what will you do? and when? Go on, you're worth it...


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