Monday, July 17, 2006

Just Do It!

No, I am not advertising Nike!

The post I wrote last week about the little things got me thinking about why it is I and others do put off the little things, which then grind us down or wind us up. I realised with me, I generally say in my head 'oh I'll do that later', or I'll even ask someone around me 'remind me to do that later'. But then I forget. Or I say exactly the same thing later on. And so it continues. So, over the weekend I've been experimenting with saying to myself 'Just DO IT!' when I start to tell myself I'll do something later. And it works pretty well! As soon as I realise that I'm just delaying something for the sake of it (or sheer laziness - well, it is hot at the moment!), I do it there and then. It works best for the genuinely small stuff, like carrying a pile of laundry upstairs, swapping the hand towel in the bathroom, taking the post across to the admin office at work, returning a quick phone call. It might be disruptive if when you realised it's the third time that week you'd thought about clearing out the understairs cupboard, that you started to do so, chanting 'Just DO IT!' to yourself, 5 minutes before you had to leave for work or to make an appointment!

So just DO IT! next time you try to put off a task that will take less than 5 minutes...well, you know what to do..


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