Monday, July 10, 2006

You don't need to prove it to anyone but yourself - so prove it!

I can't remember the amount of times I have heard this said; you don't have to prove anything to me; or; the only person you have to prove that to is yourself.

The fact is though, being totally honest with ourselves, we all spend a lot of time trying to prove things to other people. proving we're OK, that we're good enough, clever, popular, well off, have a great career, are a nice person. Think about your own life. How much of it is spent in the pursuit of proving to others things that you desperately want to believe about yourself, but can't?

Isn't it tiring? Aren't you sick of it? Can't you see the pointlessness of proving all this stuff to others? If you knew all of this to be true and had proved it to yourself, do you think that you'd WANT to spend that time and energy in proving it to others?

When we focus on the perceptions of others we give our power over to them. When we focus on our perceptions of ourselves, we take that power back for OURSELVES.

What is it about yourself that you want to believe? What do you try hardest to prove about yourself?

When you have the answer consider this; HOW CAN I START TO PROVE THIS TO MYSELF?

Here are some ideas;

conciously retreat from using energy to prove this to others

check whether you already have this trait or reality in your life. If you do, its a matter of being aware that you have it and noting, mentally or even physically by blogging or journaling, every time you demonstrate this to yourself.

if you find that you don't really demonstrate the trait and have just been busy talking about how considerate, well read, healthy etc you are, then it's time to get busy! What 5 steps can you take TODAY to start expressing thisn part of you. It's in there. It wants to come out. You just need to create opportunity and structure for it. When it comes out, look after it and pay it some attention!

I am still very impressed with the 30 day trial idea I mentioned in a previous post so consider using this here. For 30 days continue to prove things to yourself and conciously release the grip on proving to others.

After 30 days, see what an impact that has had on your life - I'm willing to bet it will be a hugely positive one!


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