Thursday, June 08, 2006

Lateral thinking

I love people who have new ideas and especially those who, when faced with a situation where there is a tried and tested way of approaching it, go the extra mile and think of an innovative and different angle.

A couple in Edinburgh, tired of the usual way of selling property, have opted to go it alone and 'sell' their flat by way of a competition. It's £5 to enter and there are 50000 tickets available. They have a website anbd the media coverage of this brilliant project is spreading the word.

How cool is that? Everyone loves a bargain and I am sure they'll have no problem in convincing 50000 people to buy a ticket to the draw. Good luck to them! I've bought mine already and am now positively visualising me sitting in the sitting room of the bejou flat, sipping tea and feeling great!


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