Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Have fun in the sun

Well, it's official, we're having a heatwave. I am almost too hot and tired to blog! So I'll keep this short and just share some of my favourite things to do when it's hot.

Take ice lollies to work and dispense them to hot and grateful colleagues (and if you work alone just treat yourself to at least one a day!)

Have your dinner outdoors - venture further than your own backyard! Prepare everything in the morning and when you get home you can just collect it and head of for a shady spot. Take a game with you, mancala is my favourite and just have your evening in the local park, beach etc.

Find a tree to read a book under. and maybe have a little sleep...

Spend a day at the beach. Take a blanket, buckets and spade, suncream and picnic - oh and a beachball! And play. All day.

Get all the windows open and throw back your bed covers to get your bedroom as cool as possible. Invest in some crisp cotton bedding to help you keep cool at night. Visualise glaciers as you drift off.


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