Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Rest and be rewarded!

As we move towards our summer breaks, many people feel as if they are running on empty, trying to cope until the holiday comes. I find myself fantasising about my own soon to come holiday in the sun, the plans I have for idleness, lying in the shade reading, strolling gently along beaches, sipping chilled wine and watching the world go by....see how I just drifted off there?! How many of us do that, muttering.."I'll be OK once I've had a holiday", or have heard someone saying about a stressed out colleague "someone needs a holiday!"

Something happened to me on Sunday. I fell asleep in yoga. This to me suggests two things;

1. that yoga really works! How chilled out must I have been! Masterful!
2. that I must have needed the rest.

Let's not wait for our holidays, let's all just slow down...right now. What would it take for you to step off the spinning world and just BE. You could;

have a lie in - don't set the alarm, wake when your body wants to!

Go to bed early. Instead of struggling on, yawning on the sofa, just switch of the TV, put down the book/ paperwork and GET TO BED.

Have a holi-day! Either by booking a day off work, or allocating a weekend day, spend the day exactly as you would if you were on holiday. Eat breakfast out. Go to the beach. Sit under a shady tree and read a book. Go for a walk. Have a siesta. Visit little boutiquey shops and buy YOURSELF a souvenir. Do something sporty. Go out for dinner and go dancing.NO CHORES ALLOWED! :-)

Do nothing, for 15 minutes once a day for a week. For those who find meditation impossible, just be somewhere quiet, get comfy and ... drift. If your mind wanders to work, to do lists etc, visualise your favourite place. Picture it in detail. Conjure up the sounds and smells. Immerse yourself.

Have you arrived yet? Send me a postcard!


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