Wednesday, June 07, 2006

cool teleclass

I took part in a teleclass last night, through Suzy Greaves Big Leap Coaching company. The speaker was a woman called Gabriella Goddard, author of best-selling book Gulp!

I love taking part in these things as it's great to share ideas and insights as part of a group. I was also impressed by the fact that despite her having her book published recently, it didn't come across as a sales pitch for the book at all. I really admire people who have the self conviction and confidence to let themselves sell their products without having to refer to them all the time - good for her!

I had a great 'aha' moment in the session so it was well worth the time invested in the workshop and I felt that it had fed that part of me that loves to be with people on and in the journeys of their lives. Gabriella also has clearly done her research as she had lots of simple explanations about the brain and what happens in the brain and body when fear is triggered. Did you know fear doesn't really exist? How brilliant is that! It's not REAL!! we make it ourselves. Good to remind ourselves of that I think.

It made me quite keen to run a series of tele workshops myself actually so I'm going to investigate how the whole virtual workshop conference call thing works...I'll report back in some other post!


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