Thursday, June 08, 2006

Lateral thinking

I love people who have new ideas and especially those who, when faced with a situation where there is a tried and tested way of approaching it, go the extra mile and think of an innovative and different angle.

A couple in Edinburgh, tired of the usual way of selling property, have opted to go it alone and 'sell' their flat by way of a competition. It's £5 to enter and there are 50000 tickets available. They have a website anbd the media coverage of this brilliant project is spreading the word.

How cool is that? Everyone loves a bargain and I am sure they'll have no problem in convincing 50000 people to buy a ticket to the draw. Good luck to them! I've bought mine already and am now positively visualising me sitting in the sitting room of the bejou flat, sipping tea and feeling great!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

cool teleclass

I took part in a teleclass last night, through Suzy Greaves Big Leap Coaching company. The speaker was a woman called Gabriella Goddard, author of best-selling book Gulp!

I love taking part in these things as it's great to share ideas and insights as part of a group. I was also impressed by the fact that despite her having her book published recently, it didn't come across as a sales pitch for the book at all. I really admire people who have the self conviction and confidence to let themselves sell their products without having to refer to them all the time - good for her!

I had a great 'aha' moment in the session so it was well worth the time invested in the workshop and I felt that it had fed that part of me that loves to be with people on and in the journeys of their lives. Gabriella also has clearly done her research as she had lots of simple explanations about the brain and what happens in the brain and body when fear is triggered. Did you know fear doesn't really exist? How brilliant is that! It's not REAL!! we make it ourselves. Good to remind ourselves of that I think.

It made me quite keen to run a series of tele workshops myself actually so I'm going to investigate how the whole virtual workshop conference call thing works...I'll report back in some other post!

30 day trial - great idea!

thanks to an inspiring and energising article I read online today, I've decided to give the notion of a 30 day trial of a new habit a go. To read more about this visit

Basically, the idea is to set a 30 day trial limit on a new habit, behaviour etc. This appeals to me as the idea of changing or starting something FOREVER seems quite daunting and actually a bit dull, like, I might change my mind! I might find it too hard! I might not like it! So this 30 day idea is great for me. The best bit is, whether you continue after the 30 days or not, you'll have contributed something valuable and positive you your life - how cool is that?

Its a great way of testing new habits which you're not sure of, or I suspect (!) of tricking yourself into thinking there's an end to the habit/ behaviour etc. Supposedly it takes a month to break or make a new habit so I guess by the end of the trial, the habit will be formed and you get to decide whether to break it or keep it. Either way it seems like a good one for those of us (me included!) who don't like being told what to do, even by ourselves!

Interestingly, I am much more interested in aquiring new, positive habits thank I am in breaking existing, negative ones...hmmm.. perhaps if I get into the swing of this, I could take it in turns to make or break.