Tuesday, February 27, 2007

start a love affair - with yourself!

hello all!

On Thursday 29th March I will be running a telephone workshop just for women which will put you in touch with the most powerful, most resourceful part of yourself.

This part of you is already there of course, just waiting to be discovered and this teleclass will bring it out into the open and give you new direction, insight into your present life and renewed focus for your next steps forward. With this new knowledge and wisdom you will propel yourself towards a more compelling, more successful future. This could be the start of the greatest relationship of your life - the one with this special part of yourself - so what are you waiting for?

I've used the exercise that I'm basing this on a lot recently both in 1-2-1 sessions and in my new DISCOVER ME coaching product and it's had a really positive effect on the lives of those who have worked through it. Someone has quite smoking, someone else has made a brave career move and others have been left motivated to make changes and inspired by who they are capable of being!

I'm hoping that those taking part will enjoy the safe environment of being on the call with me and the other women in the group and feel able to share, inspire and be inspired by everyone else involved - let's go for it girls!

Due to the content of the workshop and my desire to give everyone involved as good an experience as possible, I am restricting attendance to just 10 people and four people have booked a place already. The cost of the class is just £7.95 and will last for one hour. The call you make will be to a UK based telephone conferncing centre and you will be charged just 1p per minute. Many other such calls can cost as much as 10p per minute so this is great value.

Simply email me at sarah@stepping-stonescoaching.co.uk to secure your place or to ask for more information. I hope to hear from you!

Sarah x


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